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Leadership Transition

Choosing Chapter Leadership

Chapter Leaders offer vision and direction to their Chapter, while taking care of the logistics, relationships, and finances for Chapter activities. Both new and continuing Chapters will need to select their leaders. Possible roles include:

Registering your Chapter Leaders

When you have chosen your new Chapter leaders, please submit your new contact information [4]to ensure your Chapter’s new officers are officially recognized and are receiving resources, invitations to special events, and personal support from the national office. The new leadership team should also contact the National Student Program Coordinator [6] immediately to to ensure uninterrupted contact with the National Student Program.

Leadership Transition

During a turnover of the PHR student chapter to new leaders, it is crucial for the transition to run smoothly so that the club does not lose momentum or member interest. Ideally, the new leaders would be selected well before the end of the academic year to allow for sufficient overlap and for the new leaders to shadow the current administrators in their roles.

If you decide to wait until the fall to name new leaders, the current leaders will continue to receive PHR communication. Please be sure to continue distributing relevant information to the other members of the Chapter.

Capturing and Transmitting Information

Current leaders should can facilitate a smooth transition to new leadership and ensure a strong start next year by capturing and transmitting information like PHR and other human rights resources, speaker contact information, protocol for event management at your school, as well as any tips and advice the veteran team may have.