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Country-Specific Legal Standards and Torture Practices

Torture practises vary, to some extent, in different regions of the world, as do national legal standards, and the extent of human rights monitoring and documentation of such practises. A systematic, country-specific review of legal standards and torture practises is beyond the scope of this Curriculum. The editors of the Model Curriculum advise instructors and students to research and include relevant country-specific materials for effective national adaptation of the modules contained in this curriculum.

The Prevention through Documentation Project has included 10 target countries (Georgia, Mexico, Morocco, Sri Lanka Uganda, Ecuador, Egypt, Kenya, the Philippines, and Serbia). Country assessment reports by the IRCT are availabe (see: http://www.irct.org/Target-countries-2709.aspx [6]) and may serve as a model for national adaptation efforts. A series of national adaptation resources have been developed to relate generic, international materials to local settings (see: http://www.irct.org/Purpose—principles-2715.aspx [7] or contact the IRCT for additional information).

The following additional resources may be helpful in researching relevant country conditions:

Human Rights Reports

Treatment Centers for Survivors of Torture