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Curriculum Materials

Model Curriculum

Consisting of 9 Modules (see Summary of Content below). The Modules serve as the overall knowledge base for the Model Curriculum.

pdf Istanbul Protocol Model Medical Curriculum [6] (pdf)

Istanbul Protocol

Manual on the Effective Investigation and Documentation of Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment

pdf Istanbul Protocol [7] (pdf)

PowerPoint (PPT) Presentations

There is a PPT Presentation to accompany each of the 9 Modules. The Presentations were designed primarily for instructors who prefer to use a lecture format. The content of the PPT presentations closely parallels that of the Modules.

ppt Module 1: International Legal Standards (PowerPoint Presentation) [8] (ppt)
ppt Module 2: Istanbul Protocol Standards for Medical Documentation of Torture and Medical Ethics (PowerPoint Presentation) [5] (ppt)
ppt Module 3: Interview Considerations (PowerPoint Presentation) [4] (ppt)
ppt Module 4: Torture Methods and their Medical Consequences (PowerPoint Presentation) [1] (ppt)
ppt Module 5: Physical Evidence of Torture and Ill Treatment (PowerPoint Presentation) [2] (ppt)
ppt Module 6: Psychological Evidence of Torture and Ill Treatment (PowerPoint Presentation) [3] (ppt)
ppt Module 7: Case Example #01 (PowerPoint Presentation) [9] (ppt)
ppt Module 8: Case Example #02 (PowerPoint Presentation) [10] (ppt)
ppt Module 9: Report Writing and Testifying in Court (PowerPoint Presentation) [16] (ppt)

Case Examples #01 and #02

Two case examples have been incorporated into Modules 7 and 8. They are designed to give students practical experience interviewing alleged victims of torture and documenting physical and psychological evidence. The medical evaluations that students develop from these case examples should be applied to Mock Court Proceedings in Module 9.

pdf Guidelines for Instructors: Case #01 and #02 [17] (pdf)

Psychological Evaluations 1 and 2

Two Psychological Evaluations are included in Module 6 to provide students with an opportunity to develop clinical impression from information contained in actual asylum cases.

Self-Assessments (quizzes)

For each Module, there is a related Self-Assessment that is designed specifically for individual student users to assess their knowledge of curriculum content. The Self-Assessments may be applied to other teaching formats as well.

pdf Self-Assessment Quizzes [13] (pdf)

Audio File

In Module 3, students will listen to an audiotape of an interview with a torture survivor, Sr Diana Ortiz, to better understand the challenges of interviewing survivors, particularly the emotional reactions of survivors and clinicians.

mp3 NPR Interview of Sister Dianna Ortiz (1996) [18] (mp3)