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Guide For Student Chapters

Step 1: Assess Your Current Curriculum, School’s Resources, & Curriculum Reform Processes

Conduct research with your group to determine where your curriculum stands now and what steps must be taken for improvement:

Once you have mapped out the processes for implementing curriculum change, conduct a resource assessment to help guide the design of your new curriculum.

Step 2: Build a Leadership Core

Step 3: Rally Support

Mobilize Students

For the administration to even consider adding a health and human rights component to the curriculum, they need to know that students are interested and would participate.

Engage Faculty

Faculty advocates are often significantly influential in the curriculum reform process.

Step 4: Implement a Curriculum Reform Strategy

Step 5: Keep in touch with the PHR Student Program Office

We can provide you with a variety of resources to implement reform,but we need your help too! Curriculum reform can sometimes be a multi-year process. By keeping the PHR national office in the loop on your work, we can better support future PHR members at your school to continue where you left off.

You will also note that this guide does not cover in detail the process for designing the curriculum your chapter wishes to implement. This is because that process varies depending on the type of course, the topics addressed, and the curriculum reform process at each school. The Student Program is committed to help support you in this process. By personally staying connected with the Student Program, we will be able to best link you to the appropriate resources and support throughout your unique curriculum creation process.

Tell us what worked at your school and what didn’t so we can provide you with better support. Contact The National Student Program Coordinator [15].