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Collaborating and Partnering with Other Student Groups

Partnering and collaborating with other university student groups is an important step in gathering support, presence, and action for educational reform. The more endorsements and backing you have, the stronger your case will be for implementing this curriculum. Below are some resources for finding the right groups to partner with and some tips and strategies for how best to collaborate with your partners.

Tips for Collaboration

Examples of Student Groups to Partner With

Some Relevant Groups

  1. Human Rights/Social Justice Advocacy
  2. Global Health/Global Awareness
  3. Community Development/ Community Health
  4. Women’s Rights
  5. Humanitarian Action/ International Development
  6. HIV/AIDS, or other prominent disease-based groups
  7. Specializations
  8. Ethics
  9. Demographic-Specific groups (ethnicities, cultures, LGBT, etc.)
  10. Student Government/Student Council